Central & Eastern States Swim Clinics

Our Central States Clinic, established in 1981, and Eastern States Clinic, established in 1976, are the two largest and most respected privately run swim clinics in the world. Sanctioned by the ASCA, attendance will earn you maximum points toward further certification in the ASCA Coaches Certification Program.

The Central and Eastern States Clinics are the most comprehensive and personalized coaches’ clinics in the United States. These clinics offer a unique opportunity to be with top age group, university coaches and Olympic swimmers, as well as ASCA and USA Swimming certification courses.

In January 2003, the Eastern and Central States Swim Clinics received an Achievement Award and Certificate of Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.

These clinics are annual events. The Central States Clinic is held in May in the Chicago area, and the Eastern States Clinic is held in October in the Philadelphia area.

General Information

Future Clinic Dates

  • Central States Clinic
  • 2020 – May 16/17
  • 2021 – May 14/15
  • Eastern States Clinic
  • 2020 – Oct 03/04